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Regional Policies

AYSO Region 1103 is part of a National Organization.  The American Youth Soccer Organization is based in Torrence, California, and provides the infrastructure, training, and support for our region on a local level.  Some of the support we get from national includes...

·      Safeguarding your registration information.

·      Providing accurate and confidential background checks on all volunteers

·      Providing accident insurance to all players and volunteers

·      Offering any Legal protection to volunteers operating within their roles 

·      Providing training - online, printed, and in person

·      Securing National sponsorships to help offset the significant cost of these roles

As a result of our membership in AYSO, we are governed by a specific set of Policies and Protocols - which lay out how our region functions from a management and organizational perspective.

We also have several several addendums to the Policies and Protocols, including....

·      Refund Policy

·      Scholarship Policy

We have several policies which will further clarify the specifics of our region, including our Uniform Policy, Weather Policy, and U05 Policy.

Finally, there are several informational brochures and forms that may or may not be required, including incident and insurance forms.

These policies are reviewed by the regional board and updated on a yearly basis, These posted policies should be considered the most up to date information regarding Region 1103.  If you have a question regarding one of these topics, please refer to the appropriate policy for guidance.

All of our policies, protocols, and informational documents are included in the table below, in addition to any forms or brochures.  Contact [email protected] for any additional information or questions regarding these policies.

 Policy NamePolicy Description
Regional Policies and ProtocolsThis is the main governing document for the region, and defines the make-up and responsibilities of the regional board as well as how it should govern the region.
Refund PolicyThis policy outlines when and if a refund may be requested, and what the process is to do this
Scholarship PolicyThis policy outlines the criteria and process for applying for a scholarship to participate in AYSO Region 1103
Weather PolicyThis policy outlines various extreme weather conditions, and how they effect soccer.  It also outlines how weather related cancellations and delays are communicated
Uniform PolicyThis policy outlines the Region 1103 Uniform Requirements - both generalized and region specific
Uniform Exchange PolicyThis policy outlines a voluntary uniform donation and exchange program.  Used uniforms may be donated as players out-grow them.
Late Registration PolicyThis policy outlines certain factors that may effect applicants after the registration deadline.
U05 PolicyThis policy outlines some additional requirements and the general framework for the Under 5 Playground Soccer Program
Select Team PolicyThis policy outlines our select program, including registration requirements, participation requirements, and certain tournament restrictions.  Refer to the Select Team Program Page for additional information
Soccer Rules by DivisionThis Policy will outline the basic rules of soccer - with minor tweaks specific to each division - such as reduced field size or field roster, heading, offside enforcement, keeper allocation, etc
Current Regional BudgetThis is the current regional budget, as submitted to AYSO National on June 1 each year.
U19 PolicyThis policy describes the requirements and the general framework of the U19 program.  Refer to the U19 Program Page for additional information
Ruth Grafft AYSO College Scholarship ApplicationThis application is for a college tuition scholarship awarded annually to an AYSO Region 1103 Alumni in their final year of high school, for the purpose of continuing education at a secondary institution.  Refer to the Program page for additional information.

 Policy NamePolicy Descripation
AYSO Accident Insurance BrochureThis brochure describes the AYSO Player and Volunteer Accident Insurance that every registered member receives with their player or volunteer registration.
AYSO Incident FormThis form should be filled out any time their is an incident - rather a medical issue, a property issue, or some other issue that may require legal or insurance followup.
AYSO Accident Insurance Form (Including Instructions)This form must be completed and submitted per the instructions for any accident insurance claim.  Contact the Safety Director at [email protected] for more information.  An Incident form should have already been completed prior to an accident claim being filed.
AYSO Medical ReleaseThis form must be completed by a Doctor, and submitted to the Regional Safety Director and the team coach, prior to any player returning from a concussion, or from an injury requiring medical attention.
AYSO Player ReleaseThis form must be completed and submitted to your AYSO coach to allow your child to walk home from practice.
AYSO Kid Zone FormThis form should be completed by EVERY AYSO parent, and outlines the expectations for behavior on the sidelines prior to, during, and after a soccer match.

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